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Calligraphy Class


Calligraphy class at temple in Hiroo 5-chome

A healing space full of nature in the middle of Tokyo.

Enjoy a moment to refine your senses at this historic temple, the birthplace of various cultures. Zazen meditation every morning is also popular.

Three-minute walk from Hiroo Station.


We do not have a monthly fee system because some students are unable to come due to overtime work or urgent business. We have a no-obligation fee system where you pay as you go.
We want as many people as possible to enjoy calligraphy, so we do not charge an enrollment fee.
We do not charge an admission fee.

Outline of the event

Thursdays of the 1st, 2nd and 4th week of the month

90 minutes between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm


Fee: ¥3,500 per 90-minute class, including materials, models, and tools/visit anytime


90分 1回 ¥3,500 




You can take the class at any time during this time.

If you come in before 7:30 p.m., you can practice for 90 minutes.

However, please note that there are irregular schedules such as holidays, so please contact us for directions or other information.


On-site Lesson

On-site business lessons (one-on-one)

Letters with dignity reflect who you are.

We are always on the edge of our seat, and we are always looking forward to your one-on-one, focused time with us.

We would be happy to help you make the transition to your career.

Lessons are available immediately at a location of your choice.

We will do our best to arrange possible dates and times, so please let us know.


Examples of instructional content

General calligraphy, practical calligraphy (warrants, seasonal letters, etc.), practice specializing in names and company names, brush pen calligraphy, ballpoint pen calligraphy, kana characters, and calligraphy for the Japanese syllabary.

ballpoint pen characters, kana characters, and obtaining a Dan grade to encourage yourself.

Please contact us for more information.


We are currently receiving favorable comments from several members of the Diet for our one-on-one lessons.


*Transportation and equipment rental fees will be charged separately for those outside of the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Fee: ¥8,000 per person per hour (including travel and transportation expenses)

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