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Life with Passion

I began to learn the basics about calligraphy from 5-year-old, and I was drawn

into this black and white world since then.
I was beyond the limit of it after a long time, and unconsciously developed toward art.

Calligraphy is a plastic art of characters written by Chinese ink and a brush
The brush movement, shade of the ink, beauty of the entire deployment, and meaning

of the characters written are expressed.
There is a kind of calligraphy called avant-garde calligraphy.
In the white space, it's like drawing an abstract painting.
I was attracted by this expression's freedom to deliver messages from myself directly to viewers.

And then, after repeated experiments, I finally found my original ink and the texture

that can only be expressed using it.


Ink Artist shiroki

Real name : Motoko Shiokawa
Nationality : Yokohama Japan

I started 5years old the Calligraphy lesson.

Took a licence for Calligrapher.

Contents of works
Acceptance of orders of signboards
for big exhibitions, packages, CM, shopVI, etc...
I have been creating Calligraphic works

not only as Kanji characters but as artworks.


Salon d'automne winning a prize

Japan Commercial Calliglapher Association (JCCA)exhibition:For a grand prix
55th KEISEI EXHIBITION avant-garde-sho for a special prize
54th KEISEI EXHIBITION avant-garde-sho for a special prize
49th KEISEI EXHIBITION avant-garde-sho for a special prize



Artisans Paper History of Echizen Washi Japan
Privately owned artworks Australia
Privately owned artworks in Deputy Prime Minister Denmark
Gallery Jalan-Jalan Japan
Gallery VIGLOWA Japan
Nordic Council of Ministers Denmark
The Danish Design School Denmark
Gallery Hjorth Denmark

Solo exhibition


Tart City Museum of Art [Estonia]


Kunst for Alle [Copenhagen, Denmark]

Tsubaki Gallery [Japan]

Izumi Farniture [Nagasaki, Japan]

Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]


Objectum Casa [Nagasaki, Japan]

Yorozu-ya Gallery [Nagasaki, Japan]

Japaniol [France]

GCC Gallery [Tokyo, Japan]

Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]


Jadite Gallery [NYUSA]

American Club, Japan [Tokyo, Japan]

Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]


Medina Gallery [Roma, Italy]

Rebecca Gallery [Tokyo, Japan]

Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]

Hiroo Gallery [Tokyo, Japan]


Spazio Espositivo Ginko [Roma, Italy]
JAPAN NOW [London, England]]
Eco & Art [Tokyo, Japan]
American Club Tokyo Japan [Tokyo, Japan]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]
Kunst for Alle [Aarfus, Denmark]
DEN Gallery [Berlin, German]
Kunst for Alle [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Berlin Gallery [Germany]


The Danish Design School Denmark
Gallery JALAN-JALAN [Wakayama, Japan]
Berin Art fair [Berlin, German]
Kunst for Alle [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Confederation of Danish Employers [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Tsubaki Festival [Fukui Japan]
Gallery G.WORKS [Wakayama, Japan]


Gallery VIGLOWA [Tokyo, Japan]
Genji Exhibition [Fuikui, Japan]
Gallery Tetstboan [Fkui, Japan]
Nordic Council of Ministers [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Kunst for alle [Copenhagen Denmark]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]
Hempel Glasmuseum [Denmark]
Ordrupgaard Museum [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Gallery VIGLOWA [Tokyo, Japan]


Japan Embassy in Denmark [Copenhagen, Denmark]
Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama, Japan]
The 2nd MIX Art festa [Tokyo Japan]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama Japan]
Art Melbourne [Australia]
Art Sydney [Australia]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama Japan]
Art Collection [Australia]
Art Melbourne [Australia]
Art Brisbane [Australia]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama Japan]
Japan Embassy Melbourne [Australia]
Art Melbourne [Australia]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama Japan]
Art Melbourne [Australia]


Gallery Jalan-Jalan [Wakayama Japan]
Collingwood gallery [Melbourne Australia]
Aichi Expo Japan


Gallery Rakuya [Tokyo Japan]
Melbourne Art fair [Australia]
Sydney Art fair [Australia]
Salon D'Automne [France]


Gallery 52 Tokyo Japan

2002 2002

Gallery 556 [Tokyo Japan]
Artrend 2002 [Tokyo Japan]

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